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Air Purification Skroll ® (APS) is a revolutionary adsorption media (Patents pending). It consists of adsorbent crystals immobilised in a durable polymer support structure, produced in the form of a continuous embossed sheet. The Skroll construction and its integral engineered flow paths are designed to provide optimum performance in the dehydration of air and gases. It is tough, durable, recovers from miss-use and has long service life (typically 10 years).

This Skroll configuration can be used either as an insert directly into a new or existing housing, or in cartridge form. It can be installed in any orientation overcoming the many disadvantages of granular materials, especially in environments susceptible to shock and vibration and where mounting horizontally is necessary or desirable.

APS has been developed for demanding applications in the purification and dehydration of compressed air and gases. It overcomes the disadvantages of granular materials such as channelling, by-pass, bed fluidisation, orientation, dust generation, miss-use (flooding), short service life and degradation due to high water loading.

APS – Air Purification Skroll ®

Recovers from high water saturation and misuse

Vibration & shock resistant

Operates in any orientation

Air/gas dew point selection = Energy Saving

Optimisation to application requirements

Operates in the most arduous environments

Low cost of ownership

10 year service life with low maintenance


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